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I just got a pressurized Co2 system; and the regulator came with an electric valve - should I have it plugged into a timer? My 90 gallon aquarium has a minor Ph issue, but the Ph straight from the tap here is about 8.5 or so - REALLY high. Right now, I have about 2 bubbles per second going into a reactor (red sea?).

How many folks leave the Co2 on 24/7 and how many people have it on a timer where it operates with the lights?

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well i guess i'm the only one posting here to inject co2 24/7. but mind you i inject at a rate of ~1.5 bps into a very efficient co2 reactor for a 65 gallon tank.

as houseofcards posted it all comes down to the specific conditions of any particular tank. no two tank will be exactly the same.
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