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Edward said:

did you notice the TH of 20 ppm?

According to the religious believe to avoid any soft water in our tanks, there should be no healthy plants in his tank.

The KH won't be probably much different neither, so how is he managing sufficient Ca, Mg and most importantly the CO2 concentration?

Thank you,
What religious believe ?. Who is telling you to avoid soft water in your tank ?. Just curious.

I was talking to friend of mine in Poland who just recently rolled out his second product on the market was shocked to hear that WE in US are using tap water and not R/O units. I learned later that fellow hobbyists in Italy are using the same method - R/O to have "more" control over quality of water. Both countries, just like Amano, are using soft water in their tanks -> KH 1-2, GH 2-3 or even softer.

Here are exact words by Amano. Question was asked when he visited Poland a month ago.

Q. Your tanks are maintained with low KH. Is this necessary to provide proper conditions to grow top quality plants ? - Marcin Baranowski

A. Of course. Low KH will promote better growth in plants compare to higher KH. - Takashi Amano

Personally I have yet to use R/O water and so far I have been successful with most of the plants. At the same time I never tried it so maybe there is room for improvement.
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