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dennis said:
By all rights there should be BGA and nitrogen deficient plants.
Amano is a master of biological balance; nutrients produced by fish and decomposition match the needs of his plants. He uses supplementation to keep his flora healthy but does not dose more than plants need. In anouther e-forum Marcin Baranowski wrote the following comment about Amano's opinion, "His answer to questions about fertilizing can be summarized like this: "Add the fertilizer only when you see that plants need it and only as much as it's needed. Do not overfeed your plants."" I do not think that Amano would advocate the estimated index system popularized here.

In the the last two issues of The Aquatic Gardener there have been some nice articals about ADA. I found it interesting to note that ADA use airstones at night and run their CO2 supplementation for only 8 hours of a 10 hour light period. In the most recent issue there is also an intresting comment on the difficulty of large quantities of Riccia in an aquascape.

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