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coke reward points 4 plants/shrimp

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coke/pepsi reward points 4 plants/shrimp

I was just wondering if anyone would trade plants/shrimp for coke reward point codes.

3 points per cap
25 points per cans package

So maybe around 100+ points for a package of shrimp/plants + shipping :S.

Worth a try :D.
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Just currious, what coke items can you get when you redem 100 points. It will help your cause to list this.
I was curious as well and looked :rolleyes:

You can see what you can get for whatever amt. of points at this site:

Interesting idea...good luck!
A lot of items to choose from, be it virtual or physical. As well as sweepstakes etc.

One soda cap 3 points = $1.75
25 points is a box= about $5.99 or so

It is free to roam around the site.

Definitely the more points added, the better the prizes.

My 100+ was an example, and undecided a good rate of points to trade.
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