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Colectivo AcuaDiseño Español

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Very nice collection of beautiful tanks, my favorite is "Il Caridino'
Very nice collection of beautiful tanks, my favorite is "Il Caridino'
Jeff, thank you very much.

I feel very welcomed by your sentence.

Sorry for my English.

Alberto Sosa
Definitely like the enchanted forest :D. I feel its an appropriate title for the aquascape. Keep it up!
honestly, i LOVE all of them, especially Kobukai, such an amazing array of background plants.
Congratulations by C.A.E

Best Regards,

Dear Spelvin

Glad to see you in APC.

Thank you for your words.

Best regards
I'm very happy to see these aquariums around here, congratulations!

****, thank you very much for the recognition.

Best regards
Awesome, beautiful tanks! How long have you been keeping planted tanks? Looks like you have a lot of eperience.

Well done!
Hi Ghengis

CAE is a group dedicated to Spanish planted aquariums. It involved very fans who love the compositions aquarium and we want to gather as many members to gather the best aquariums in our country.

Best regards
It´s a beautiful day, I can see aquariums from Spain for the world where the plants shine by sound.

1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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