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Color Nano

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1/2 galon around two litre
14w 6.700 k
Two changes weekly water of 50%
Rotala rotundifolia
H. cuba
H. micranthemoides
Time: two month

There are red cherrys

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Very nice scape for such a small aquarium, and very healthy looking plants.

I was going to comment on the amount of cherries I saw thinking that you said you had three cherry shrimp- I misread there for three... :D

What substrate are you using and what type of bulbs?
Nice tank
Are you using CO2 to keep the red color?
Beautiful tank
Can you tell us about you fertilising method? is it ei
All of that in 2 liters... thats amazing , when i first look at i was thinking it was a 2 foot tank
Very nice! I might remove the piece of wood at the far right as it takes away from the scape but otherwise the layout is impressive.
Beautiful!! Are you fertilizing? Do you have CO2 on it? Very nice color and healthy plants, impresive!
Thank you for the coments, i attempt explicate

No co2 system, I´m not fertilizing , two change 50% of water weekly, the substrate is inert

The light is pll ....
you see

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If you are doing this without fertz and no CO2, You are able to obtain the health and color in plants many of us could only hope for. Is your water just ordinary tap water?
Would love to see this tank in a few months to see how it is doing.
Su tanque es bello! (Your tank is beautiful) El color de la Rotala, sin CO2 y sin fertilizantes es increible. (The color of that Rotala without CO2 or ferts is incredible).
Very beautiful tank. Nice colors. I like the light a lot.
The plants were selected of others aquariums where they are very healthy.

The plants are happys with the ordinary tap water, kh 1 ph<=6, the problem is the temperature, no heated, in the moment the temperature around 18ºC, your grow is very slow :mmph:

The color of rotala Bert ..... i don´t understand :confused:..... how i say it :confused:.... rotala is trimming red in other aquarium, in this aquarium preserve the color

Understand me?

Regards and perdon for my english, I attempt increase in quality.
Hi Reca, nice cube....

I live in Argentina but my blood is 100% galega!.. which city are you from?... My father born in Vilalba - Lugo.

Again, very nice cube... kudos

Ariel Ferreiro
You must have some great water there! :D Nice....
It looks like a realy big tank. Lovely layout.
Keep on posting with pics.
A genuine little work of art you've got there. Would be dangerous to put something like this on you desk, wouldn't be able to take my eyes off it. Congratulations
I has grown! Are you planning on triming so we can see the wood? I like the look of the wood it really gives it contrast.
Yes :D
I have to triming it, is very wild .....

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