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color range of coralife 55 watt (....) 10K pc's

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Does anybody know it I've been looking all over and I can't find it
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I'm not sure what you mean by color range, but I have the 65W 10000K CoraLife bulb in an Aqualight and it's a slightly bluish white light. I use it in combination with a 6700K CoraLife bulb in a second Aqualight. But when the 6700K bulb burns out I'm gong to replace it with another 10000K bulb.
How do you reds look with combo?
Check to see if any of your local stores have the bulb as Coralife usually has the output spectrum graph on the sides of their boxes.

I can also pull the info from my Coralife 28w 10k pc I have at home, should be the same output spectrum as the 55w.
Hard to say as I don't have a lot of reds in that tank. That and the 6700K bulb has a very yellow/green cast to it. On my 40gal tank I have 8800K bulbs that I really like. Those have a slightly pinker cast than the 10000K and do a great job at bringing out the reds in both my plants and my Cardinals. But I can't find them in a [....] configuration so they're not an option for my 29g unless I can convert the endcaps in my Aqualight to [::].
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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