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Colorado Rocky Mountain Foothills biotope help please...

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I live in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado and wondered if anybody can help with strating a local biotope. I am completely new to the planted aquarium arena so I know almost nothing about how to do this kind of stuff.
Does any one know what kind of plants I should look for?
Is there anything I should know about the legality of collecting plants in certain places?
Any other info would be greatly appreciated.
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Dear fishyfishy,

I'm thinking the best way to get into this is to just do it. I know that may sound rash, but recognizing plants that will grow in an aquarium is a trial and error learning process. You can look at the articles in the biotope section for some guidance, but the first order of business is getting samples (fish and plants). Try the streams, lakes and swamps, and bring everything home. You can worry about what it is after the fish or plant proves to be a nice thing growing in your tank. Bring plenty of bags and a cooler for the plants, and a nice net and aerated bucket for the fish. Like I said the specimens can be identified later.

I think the only thing you can't do is take samples in a state park. Anywhere else should be OK. You'll probably need a fishing license to take the fish.

Steve pituch
Thank you for the advice! No, it doesn't sound rash at all.
I think I needed to be told that because I might've just kept on asking questions and never actually do it. Thanks!

Please publish pictures of whatever you find. Many of us will be very interested, and help ID the stuff.

Steve Pituch
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