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Columbus Area Fish Enthusiasts
Fall Auction 2008

OPEN TO THE PUBLIC - All Are Welcome to Attend
Saturday, October 4, 2008
The Hamilton Township Community Building
6400 Lockbourne Rd
Lockbourne, Ohio 43137

For Auction Questions, web site
or Call:614-562-5710

Auction Starts At 11:00am with registration starting at 9:30am

r'bow lover
1,658 Posts
BUMP! This is going to be a fun one!

I'm bringing:

variegated hygro. difformis
water sprite
salvinia oblongifolia
lobelia cardinalis "small form"
anubias petite
stringy moss
needle lead java fern
trident java fern
narrow leaf java fern
ricardia (mini pellia)
wendelov java fern
maybe downoi
flame moss

there will be more just from me.....

r'bow lover
1,658 Posts
downoi sold for <$5
trident went for $5
needle leaf went for <$5

... stolen if you ask me! 8-[

Anyone interested in plants going to GCAS' auction? PM me so I know if bringing some of these plants may be worthwhile.
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