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First of all, great tool! :D

However, I do notice a difference in some of the calculations with Chuck's calculator and was wondering why this is so? Is Chuck's approximations of the grams in a tsp or tbsp off?

For example, for Nitrates, the Fertilator gives 18.68ppm NO3 with 1 tsp in 175 liters. Chuck's calculator gives 19.62...

Also I think that all the calculations should give a choice of either tsp/tbsp or grams when refering to dry chemicals (I only see that in the "get concentraions from chemicals added" calculations). A level teaspoon of X powder will always weigh (more or less) Y grams. I for one do *not* have a microscale that I can use to weigh powders with.

This is a very useful tool. Even calculates trace element amounts to get a desired level of Fe! Really great!!
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