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comments *UPDATED*

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heres what i got so far in my 75.
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Here is my constructive critisism:

You should get a background ;)

The floating plants look messy and detracts from your tank.

I am being pulled around for a focal point with the red plants , driftwood, and crypt (balansae
Here are my first thoughts:

1) Remove the floating mass in the middle of the tank. Very distracting.

2) You seem to have a nice piece of wood in there, but having it laying down like that is just not going to work. Could you lift it up into a more active pose? Perhaps as a branch sticking out from the plantings ont he left. You can prop it up with a rock underneath.

3) Remove the sword plant on the right. It will get too big in the future, anyways.

4) Get a background, as Tony said.

5) Let the Lilaeopsis fill in a little more.

Hope this helps. Keep us updated with pictures!

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thanks gomer and tsunami for your input. this is my first planted tank and i want to get it right. i did alot of things you suggested. first i got a background, its black construction paper taped to the back. second, i moved the swords to a different tank. i spread out the red plants so they didnt pull you to the left automatically. i couldnt do anything with the driftwood because it is two different pieces. removed the XL floating watersprite. and added a variety of new plants. some anubias nana, hyrgrophilia polysperma, cabomba, and some more ludwigia that i think is repens but i am not sure because i found it here in PA but its a spitting image for the other lud. in my tank. here is the new pic.
looking at the two pictures i cant believe how fast some of this stuff grew!!!
Wow, well honestly the tank looks much much better. Keep up the good work.

Looking much better, good job. If it were me, I might start to fine tune some stuff. For example, if the lilleopsis were to completely cover all the area which is planted it might be too much. Perhaps break it up in places with petite nana or lobelia, maybe. Just a thought.
The background made a major difference, looks way better. Great tank to aquascape, have fun!
Hey little worm,

The 2 pics looks totally different, way to go pal. Totally commendable. Keep up the good work :)

I'll give you a 20% discount since you did a good job (wink).

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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