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Compact Pressurized CO2...anyone have/try/seen this?

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I found this in my eternal search for upgrading to pressurized CO2. I'm excited because this is totally in my budget and both of my tanks are small so it's a good fit.

I want to know if anyone owns one of these, has tried them, or maybe seen them in action.

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I have no experience with that, but if you read the fine print where it says, '...Longlasting: Each cartridge lasts 260 days at 4 bubbles a minute...' then realize most pressurized systems run in the 1-2 bubbles per second range, you will get an idea of how long this will truly last. Now if you have a real small tank 5gal or less, this might be a good deal. Otherwise, you will find yourself replacing that cartridge/system very quickly. Getting a pressurized system on the cheap can be had for under $200, which isn't much more than what you'll be spending there to start with. My 2 cents.
Ah, your right. I read it as saying "4 bubbles per second" thinking it would last twice as long. Bummer.

According to my would last all of five days at 3 bubbles per second.
Something better along that line would be a paintball system
if budget is an issue do a home brew CO2 you really can get into it cheaply and for a small tank your biggest expense would be a glass diffuser.

And they can be purchased for 5.00 or so online..

I have the DIY CO2 right now, and I want to upgrade to pressurized but it's so expensive.
Here is something cool we are working on. This unit does have a solenoid on the back, you just cant see it.
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