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Complete ADA 45p Package

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I've had this stuff sitting in a box for who knows how long and just never got around to setting it up because I thought I'd be moving. Never happened and now I need to unload some things because I'm moving in with a friend and won't have the space. The prices listed next to the items are current retail value.

Package includes:

1x ADA Cube Garden 45-P ($87.00)
1x 9L bag of AquaSoil Amazonia ($28.00)
1x 2L PowerSand Special S ($20.00)
1x Tourmaline BC ($16.00)
2x ADA 8000K 36W PC bulb, square pin ($32.00 each)

CO2 Gear
1x AquaticMagic nano diffusor ($10.00)
1x AquaticMagic Gamba XII Japanese Co2 bubble counter ($10.00)
1x 2.5lbs CO2 tank ($50.00)
1x AquaMedic dual gauge CO2 regulator with built-in needle valve ($100.00)

1x Rena Filstar XP1 ($90.00)
1x ZooMed mini pump ($10.00)

1x Two-tier black stand ($50)

Those are current prices that I just looked up. I think that's over $500 total, not including shipping. I'd like to get $300 for it (which is a damn good price for unused products!) unless you have a Savage synthetic stock bolt action .308 or a bunch of .308 ammo you'd like to get rid of...but those aren't things people usually have laying around for trade (55gr .223 ammo or 30rnd Magpul P-Mags are acceptable as part of a trade, too.) ;) Cash is king but PayPal or personal check are acceptable as well. I'll throw in some copies of AquaJournal too, just because I'm a nice guy like that.

Only interested in selling as a completely package. If you want to turn around and sell some of the stuff by parting it out, you wouldn't hurt my feelings. Local/regional pickup only. If you live kinda far away, I'd be willing to drive up to an hour away to meet you somewhere (if you live in Columbus/Indianapolis/Lexington, I can meet you halfway.) I'm really unsure about shipping this thing, especially with the stand, so I would really like to keep it regional unless you have some good shipping suggestions or are willing to assume the risk of shipping a glass tank. I've even had one person tell me they had a friend that lives in Columbus and they were going to have them pick it up from me, then deliver it to them over the holidays.
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Re: Complete ADA 45c Package

Do you have any picture of the items?
I suppose I could get a picture of everything except the stand, though there isn't much to look at. A quick Google search will yield pictures of the items much more quickly than I can post them up for you, especially since i'm going to be at work for the next 72hrs.

Later this upcoming week I am going to talk to a family member who runs an aquarium shop and see what they can do to help me work out shipping the tank. If I can work something out where I feel the tank will be safe in shipping, I will be happy to ship but it won't be cheap. I'm thinking UPS or FedEx will end up costing around $35 for the three boxes (tank, stand, accessories) with insurance and packing materials. So if you're outside of my area and are interested in having the package shipped to you, send me a PM with your ZIP code and I will get back to you as soon as I sort it all out and get a better shipping estimate. Regardless, it's still a hell of a deal! Thanks!
Please PM me if you can ship...

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