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The regulator you have should be fine, you'll want to add a needle valve and possibly a bubble counter. The valve lets you adjust the amount of CO3 and the counter to give you an idea of how much you are using and to see that it really is working.

If the regulator is adjustable you may need or want to dial back the second stage to reduce the output pressure. You may have quite a bit of pressure as it was setup for quick bursts when filling a fish bag.

You'll also need some way to deliver the CO2 may it be a reactor or diffuser.

There are quite a few options, looking over some of the past threads on CO2 will give you a good idea of the possibilities open to you.

Being as the bottle was for O2 before, check with the gas folks and see if they will refill with CO2. They may want to retest the bottle. 20# should last you quite a while too.
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