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compressed co2 question

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I just started compressed co2 this past weekend. I am running my solenoid on a timer and I am wondering how long it takes for the concentration to get to the proper level, that is approx. 30ppm. I do not have a drop checker but I have one in the mail so as soon as it gets in I can watch and see for myself.

For now, if someone has any idea and can explain i'd appreciate it.

The tank has about 38G water in it and my bubble rate is 2.5-3 bubbles per second. I am using Niko underwater elite filter diffuser with sponge over the output so i do get very small bubbles going into the water. although there is surface agitation from my xp2 output, the agitation is minimal.

The co2 shuts off at night when the lights go out and it kicks back on an hour before the lights come one. The goal is to get to approx. 30ppm by the time the lights kick on. I wonder if 1 hour is enough time to reach this co2 concentration or if i need to start the co2 earlier?

just trying to get it close for now...without a drop checker i have no idea if my co2 ever gets in the proper range, just guessing...plants look good and fish arent suffocating so i know im not terribly off my goal.
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If there's a surface movement and your rate is 3 bubbles/sec + plants look good and fish arent suffocating you should be just fine. I keep my Co2 at 3 bubbles/sec and the color of my drop checker is green.
thanks but im still interested in opinions on how long it takes for the water column to reach 25-30ppm given the above info.
thanks but im still interested in opinions on how long it takes for the water column to reach 25-30ppm given the above info.
That will depend on several tank variables, but it should be close to equilibrium within the first hour or so after the C02 turns on.
i know it depends on variables and i tried to list them in the opening post...i did this to help you guys help me...looks like i didnt do a good enough job.

thanks for your input guys.
have the CO2 turn on 30-60 mins before the lights come on.

Then have it turn off right when the lights go off, I think some have it turn off slightly before the lights go off, like 15-30min
My co2 kicks in 30 min before the lights turn on and it's 30 min off before the lights turn off.
Co2 dissolves in the water pretty fast and it will take propably 1-2 hours to reach 30 ppm level.
If you'll use a mist method to apply Co2 it might be up to 1 hour.
You can play with Co2 dosage without drop checker but you have to watch your fish.
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