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I just got my first supply of PMDD-Premix from On the label in the front it says 1-4 drops/gallon/per day - which would make it at least 10 drops a day for a 10 gallon tank, which is roughly 0.5 mL of liquid

As per , "But, to get started, for each ten gallons, try around 1/12 ml of PMDD a day (roughly 2 drops). --- If you don't do many partial water changes, dose less. If you have a "high tech", densely planted, CO2 injected, VHO lit tank, you might want to double the dose to 1/6 ml of PMDD per 10 gallons a day (roughly 4 drops). "

I see a huge disparity in the dosage - as per at the top end you give 40 drops a day where as its 4 drops as per thekrib.

Any thoughts ? How much do you give ?

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Best to take the lower dosage estimate until things get established. Its better to slightly under dose the tank and then add more nutrients later than consistently overdose the tank and build up huge levels of nutrients.

PMDD tends to be a method where you learn how much fertilizer your plants need and then dose that much. If the tank is new, it will take some time to find the right balance.
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