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I'd like to congratulate the following members for nabbing ribbons during this year's contest:

Tony Gomez (3rd in small, 2nd and 3rd in medium)
Wayne Sham (honorable mention in small, 2nd in large)
Harry Kwong (2nd in small)
Oliver Knott (1st and best of show in x-large!)
Yoki Wong (1st in paludarium)
Dennis Dietz (honorable mention in small)
Andre Nobrega (honorable mention in small)
Eric Cheng (1st in small, 3rd in paludarium)
Dam Nguyen (1st in medium)
Roy Deki (honorable mention in medium)
Enrico Monteiro (honorable mention in large)
Daniel Larrsen (3rd in large)
Jeff Senske (1st and 3rd in x-large)

And congratulate the following people for participating!:

Krystal Duguay
Kenneth Cheng
Sergio Veterano
Shunjung Chang
Deborah Slack
Pedro Borges
Marcin Betlejewski
Sven Oppalfens
Luis Navarro
Baruch Mor
Roland Seah
Roger Miller
Jeff Kropp
Ghazanfar Ghori
Tran Quang Hung
Nikolay Kraltchev
Bartomiej Lipczynski
Nathan Freedenberg

Wow. 32 of our members joined the AGA, and 13 of them walked off with ribbon(s). Almost a sweep. :mrgreen:

Let me know if I missed anyone...


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My heart felt congratulations to all who placed and entered. Entering in itself is something to be proud of. I have looked through most of the entries and I have not seen any bad ones. That index of photos is definitely something to lend inspiration and express the beauty and wonder of this hobby. Lets make sure that next year is even better, with more entries and even better support from APC! I know I would not have even thought of entering, let alone had something I would be willing to show the world, if it was not for this place.
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