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containers for pps mix

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Hi all,

I was looking for what would be considered the proper containers to hold this solution in. Anyone have any input on correct liquid containers? Something with ml level on it.

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i guess it can be. But i really don't need to stir, I just do it to be sure. To each his own I guess lol
The containers I ordered are just OK. It's tough to be precise with less than 5ml doses (and my 20g tank get s a 2ml dose).

I'll probably end up getting a couple of the 16 dollar lab dosing bottles. :/
so what you guys are doing is using the cap on the bottle to dose? I know not everyone has the option of a free syringe, but i bet that would be cheaper to get just an ordinary measured bottle and a syringe from online. Just my thought. I noticed most of them bottles were over $8. for a bottle thats crazy. I picked up a new bottle with ml measurements on it for $1.25 and my syringes were free.
it's more like a mini graduated container and it's far easier to use than syringes. i used to dose that way for years and it drove me mad for some reason :)...i really like the dispensing bottles.
I use the cap on my bottle...I use hydrogen peroxide bottles... .80 cents.

I did use a syringe at one point but then just measured out my dose into bottle caps and tossed the syringe.

Simple is the way to go otherwise it becomes bothersome.
well as long as its getting into the tank, I guess that is really all that matters.
Guys who makeshift containers laying around and make it work in such a way that they keep their dosing up are smart. As said, if you get what the plants need in the tank thats the only thing your tank cares about, of course.

But just as using a scale feels a little more hardcore but is unnecessary vs levelled teaspoons, those who have been doing this for a while realize the stuff they spent a little more coin on is the stuff they keep for years in a hobby where the aesthetic has some value. When you're going to do something everyday for a few years, its nice to do it with something nice, and especially sweet when you can do it for $10 more than the other thing you're using. Everyone surely must understand this.

But, for the sake of making my first post of the new year on APC a little more special, I propose for you this test. If you think this is awesome and makes you want to search (reach?) for your old TI/HP/etc and make some mixes, or you think, "Hey, that C is for clear not control!", you're probably the kind of nerd who'll like using equipment that is a little more precise than makeshift (but more than adequate) solutions. And even if you don't think this is awesome, you're still a nerd, nerd. ;)

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So shipping during the holidays sucks, but guess what just walked into my office? (along with many a confused person wondering why I'm building a meth lab at work... ) Please excuse our mess :)

I bought two 1L and 1 500mL. It would be more attractive if slightly smaller.

It comes as this quick to assemble kit, with the glass bottle/beaker, then the tubing already threaded to the stopper, and the syringe in a sealed container, along with instructions.

The 1L's bigger syringe has measurements from 0-30mL with 1mL increments. The other side is 0-1oz with 1/8oz increments. The 500mL has a syringe from 1-10mL with 0.2mL increments. Reading *is* sexy.

We'll see how it goes :)
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those look cool i especially like the dino on the table in the first pic
looks nice. A little overkill for me, but they are sexy
since they are rather tall assembled, where do you plan on storing these?
The 1L with the plunger down (or even partway up) fits under my 40g/standard 3ft tank stand. But in my case I keep my non-light sensitive dry ferts in (what I think are) nice glass containers meant for spices and nuts and bolts and stuff out on a table in my kitchen since I was dry dosing before getting these new bottles. (I keep my light sensitive stuff on its own half a shelf in one of my kitchen cupboards.) The bottles that are out look good out on the table, too. Since reentering the hobby I don't mind having this nerd stuff out and neither do the ladies, and it is much more convenient for me. I hide my spare pipes and plumbing and pumps and anything ugly in a drawer though. Too much information? Sorry :)
LOL....good info. Nerd stuff...hehehe, nice.
As I remeasured a new batch, I figured it was time to post some quick thoughts of this solution after a year (much of it away from this hobby, though):

Sometimes I wish the join between the flex tubing into the stopper was tighter as it flops around, but a bonus of the design is on a new batch (lots of liquid) I can pull much of the pump body out and to the side.

Clear containers really remind you how many impurities are in our fertilizers :) In these cases pulling out the syringe some distance from the bottom prevents it from clogging.

I've only had one syringe clog (really at the union between the flex tubing and the syringe) and easily fixed but pumping in and out tap water. Syringe bodies are easy to clean. Small mouthed bottles not easy.

The glass has a nice weight and I've not been tempted to replace.

Have thought about using glass in the out tube just because it would look cooler.

All in all very happy and still think I will use them for years. Everybody who sees it and any ferts make ask/make a half serious meth-lab question/joke, and really, I would too. I think this bonus. :)
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I imagine you've probably made your decision by now but I also use the H2O2 bottles. And while you're in the pharmacy, you can pick up one of these:,134.html

They fit perfectly into an open H2O2 bottle and are usually packaged with a 10cc children's oral syringe. Very easy!


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I currently use 1L water bottles and a syringe to dose..

In my garage i have 1000ML Glass Flask (narrow neck) of two different shapes that i plan on using as soon as i can figure out the implementation.
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