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Continue EI for now?

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I have been dosing my tank EI this week. In the long run, I intend to dose PPS though. The reason I've started on EI was my scale hadn't arrived in the post, and using teaspoons made sense.

My plants grew really fast this week.

My question is, being a new tank things haven't grown in completely yet.

Should I continue dosing EI because it makes plants grow fast, until they are at the desired size, thus fighting algae by making the plants bigger,

I've got a small algae problem at the moment. It's not critical, but I don't want it to get worse.

Or should I start PPS now that my scale has arrived?

I want to do PPS in the long term because EI has big water changes and I want flexibility.
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Growth rate will not change with PPS-Pro. When fertilizer is present then plant growth is driven by light intensity, light duration and amount of CO2. The difference here is that it will not mess up your aquarium with unbalanced chemicals.
thanks Edward. I dunno, for some reason I thought plants grew faster on EI. My scale came in the post yesterday - it's a really cute pocket one and it measures to 0.001gram! I will do my water change tommorow, and then commence PPS!
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