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We are trying to design a new calculator experience of owning and maintaining aquariums.

Some how the experience of calculations during setup and tank maintenance is not as enjoyable as the aquarium itself. Therefore, we are aggregating calculators and re-designing them so that they are simple, interactive and easy to use.

We would love to know if there are any calculators that you would want us to include in our application.

We encourage you to fill out the survey and let us know your thoughts/needs. Thank You for your time and participation!


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Some folks on the planted tank forum have been raising wonderful questions abt the survey....

read it here:

For all aquarists, who disagree with our time frames for beginner, intermediate and expert levels...

Declaring oneself as a Newbie, Intermediate and Expert is completely subjective.

People do have a certain level of confidence with practice and time. They choose to define themselves based on their personality and capabilities.

While designing the survey we knew this question was going to be a tricky one. Leaving it just at Beginner, Intermediate and Expert (without time frames) makes it too vague-confusing the user, and hence the question had to be narrowed down. We chose to tackle the time frames from a completely functional level. After a year or so, one atleast knows the basics of water changes, how to conduct basic tank maintenance, a decent knowledge about the fish they are keeping on so on....

To counterbalance the generalization of the first question, we added a second question (had aquariums since). The answers to this one give us insights about how people are defining themselves.

Those users who match the time frames of question 1 and question 2 will support our reasoning. However, those users who do have different time frames for both questions will disapprove of our reasoning.

If the latter group outnumbers the previous one, then we can gather conclusive insights on how users define the relationship between time and their levels of expertise.

So... for now, we still have more users matching the time frames for both questions.

We encourage more Aquarists to answer this survey and prove us wrong! so that we can gather these important insights....on user perceptions and behaviors.

thank you for raising these questions and I hope you all are filling the survey! Let those answers keep coming in...

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