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From what I see here this camera has both Focus Lock and Manual Focus. Both will help you to focus exactly on what you want, even if it is offcenter.

Focus Lock is a setting that you have to set using the Menu of the camera. Usually pressing the shutter release button half way down locks the focus on whatever object the camera has focused at the moment. If you hold the button half way down and point the camera somewhere else it does not try to refocus.

The Autofocus on any camera can encounter situations in which it will have trouble. Reflections, dark objects, or fine mesh would be the simplest examples - the camera cannot decide what exactly to focus on. I have noticed that the aquarium glass, especially if shooting under an angle, also poses a problem for Autofocus sometimes.

In my opinion using Manual Focus in macro mode is the best choice (if you can see well or are not too tired).

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