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Converting a closet to a built-in tank.

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This is actually a re-installation caused by damage from a leaker. The base cabinet is a 30" kitchen cabinet. This time it's sealed and sitting up on treated wood feet. The cabinet fits behind the stop on the door jamb so it's self-trimming. The tank itself is 36" wide so there's a piece of 3/4" plywood on top of the cabinet that is a little longer than the tank. The upper piece of plywood making the window effect is a custom cut. Just waiting now for a paint color selection.

There was enough room to one side inside the closet to slide and turn the base cabinet into place. If there isn't room, then the door jamb can be removed and replaced after the cabinet is in place. I painted the closet black the first time in the hope it would create more depth. It didn't so this time I painted the back and sides of the tank black.

This tank is a breeze to maintain since I piped both freshwater and a drain to the closet. There's a 20 gallon holding tank above the main tank for new water to sit and stabilize in temperature and pH. The only filter on it is this:

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