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I've set up many tanks and added fish that night. But I watch fish very closely and change water immediately if there's a problem. I would use carbon in the filter just in case there's some nasty organics in the new soil.

My advice: start tank setup early in the morning. Let filter run, temperature come up, and get water aerated/degassed before you add fish. Plan to do water changes the minute you see your fish losing their appetite.

I would not put two inches of gravel on top of your soil. It will make soil more anaerobic-- too risky for a new startup. Instead, you could put one inch and then after a couple months and/if your plants are doing well, add the second inch. You can probably pull your plants up to accomodate the new gravel layer. Or just add more gravel gradually.

Even if the soil you chose is not ideal or contains something nasty, you can always compensate by water changes, aeration, and charcoal filtration. Getting through the first couple months can sometimes be a little tricky. However, your soil may be fine and you'll have no problems.

One thing. Your swordplant doesn't look like a true Amazon Swordplant (E. bleheri), which is a great grower. Your plant looks more like an E. horemani or E. osiris, which never grew very well in my tanks. After 10 years of poor growth, I finally pitched it.
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