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thanks for the comments, I still need some more practice shooting pics of the aquarium

I used my Olympus Camedia C-5000 without a flash and without a tripod, next time I will keep better track of my exposure specs...

The aperture was pretty open if I recall correctly , it is just that the the plants were right up against the back glass of the aquarium and also fairly close to the surface....not really the best location for manipulation of my camera angle... Definitely shooting down on it would provide greater depth-of-field and show off the crowns of the tonina a lot better, would the shrimp stand out less if I did that since it is transparent for the most part? I cropped it so the black framed the left and the plants framed the right and bottom.

Also super nice pic Ghanzanfar!!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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