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Coralife 48" 260wt Compact Fluorescent Aqualight

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Looking to see if there's any interest in the fixture on here, as local interest is minimal.

Standard 4x65wt Coralife Aqualight fixture. Bulbs 6700k and are ~14months old.

Comes with mounting legs.

Looks just like this:

I can get actual pics if necessary, though.

Full product details:

Asking $100 + shipping. (I'm read that someone had the same light shipped for $20, but I don't know for absolute sure).

non-cc paypal preferred, though I can do cc if you want to pay the fees. I can also do revo ME, or money order.
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Has anyone sent payment? Would be really interested. Let me know
Same here. I am third if the others fall through.
fixture sold. thanks for the interest though.
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