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Still trying to get it set. Just programmed it again this morning and when done the daylight program I set for ealier is not on when it shows auto. Read instructions again and said when you set it you may need to wait 24 hours for timer to cycle. Also saw several comments on-line about the plugs being backwards on some. I'll know I guess by Monday night.
it really only has 1 setting= turns the 2 yellow daytime outlets on,2 blue nighttime outlets off.the 4 white are on all the time.There is no single outlet timer control on it.

If I remember right,it can be set for something like 7 "cycles" per day;as in 2 yellows on/2 blues off at 8Am....the 2 yellows off/2 blues on at 10am...the 2 yellows on/2 blues off at noon and so on if thats what you want.. I just set mine to one on/off ( on at 9:15am and off at 8pm,daylights come on at 9:15 and go off at 8,then the blue outlets turn on the moonlighting.

it wont be on when it shows auto if the settings are wrong;...think of it as setting an alarm clock,same principle,just one more setting for off.
it is easy to set ;set the correct current time,then set the time you want the lights ( 2 yellow outlets) to come on,then set the time you want the lights ( 2 yellow outlets) to turn off.

mine was set and working in 10 minutes or so and has been working for months without touching anything..but if I had it to do over,I'd just use appliance timers and power strips
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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