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Coralife Freshwater 9" Mini Aqualight-2 x 9W

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Does anyone have already used a compact fixture Coralife Freshwater 9" on a nano tank?
And is there a way to mount a Coralife Aqualight Mounting Legs?
It looks like these mountings legs can't be mounted on that fixture.

Any alternatives?
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What kind of brand is your 12" fixture? And where did u buy it? The 12" fits perfectly on my 3 gal tank though.

I saw this one 12" Coralife which has Includes Aqualight 2x18 Watt 50% Actinic, 50% 10,000K Bulbs
I'm just wonderring if it's possible to replace both bulbs with Coralife 9 Watt 10,000K Mini Aqualight Replacement Lamp. My only concern is the pins. I'm not sure this fixture can be mounted with Coralife mounting legs compatible.

On the other hands, I think they make a mistake of posting the wrong picture of this fixture. It's supposed to be like this one though which can be mounted with any Coralife (Aqualight Legs Black 4-pack)

I've already mailed and still wait for their answer.

BTW, really like the scape and driftwoods your cube nano tank and it's an ADA. Just a though with a nice black background will create more depth and hide all your equipments. Did you build DIY this stand underneath it?

The only thing that makes it freshwater or salt water is the bulb. While the fixture may ship with an actinic/daylight bulb, no one says you have to stick with it.

I used a 12" Current fixture on my ADA 30C:

It shipped with an actinic/daylight bulb. I replaced it a Current 18w Dual Daylight 6500K/10000K bulb.

The Coralife fixture is the same thing except it ships with 2 bulbs, one 10000K and one actinic, either of which you can replace.

The 18w bulb for both fixtures is very common in a dazzling array of choices for color. You can pretty much buy one at any local fish store. When your guy told you there were no freshwater bulbs available, he was quite mistaken.

As far as Azoo, you're gonna have to contact them. Do a google search for Azoo and you'll find their contact info.

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The one that you own is a Current-USA
Did u get good result plants grow with Current 18w Dual Daylight 6500K/10000K bulb??

As I mentioned in my post, it is a 12" Current fixture. 1x18W. They are available all over. Not hard to get at all.
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