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Coralife Freshwater 9" Mini Aqualight-2 x 9W

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Does anyone have already used a compact fixture Coralife Freshwater 9" on a nano tank?
And is there a way to mount a Coralife Aqualight Mounting Legs?
It looks like these mountings legs can't be mounted on that fixture.

Any alternatives?
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Coralife 12" with 2x18" is for reef and I think there's no freshwater bulbs available for that though.

Also, I asked the information regarding the Current USA 12" single buld 18w CF. The guy said this light fixture is for saltwater (reef) instead. However that one can have a mounting legs attached.

Regarding Azoo does they supply in Canada or US shipping?

The legs won't work on the Aqualight mini. They make a marine version of the 12" with 2 18 watt bulbs that the legs work on.

Current USA makes a 12" single bulb 18 watt CF.

Finnex makes a 12" light that uses a 13 watt. You also might want to look at the Jalli lights which I suspect are rebrands of the Finnex.

Jebo and Azoo both make a 13watt clip on lights. Azoo also makes a 20 LED light that looks kinda neat but doesn't really put out too much light (I've seen it in person. Its rather dim.)

Tom Aquatics also makes a 13 watt clip on and a 13" hood thats adjustable from 16" to 20" I think.

1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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