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48" Compact Flourescent Lamps & Lunar Blue-Moon-Glow Led Lights!

I have these on my 110 gallon tank & now that I'm getting more into Co2 I would like to know what you guys think about the lights?

Another thing, the bulbs are 65 watts and I'm due to change them & buy new ones... however it cost me like $60 a bulb from Big Al's and I found them cheaper on this site:

My question is:
Do I have to go with the bulbs that came with the fixture? Being the 65 watt, 10,000 K & 65 watt Actinics?

Or would you suggest something else for this planted tank? Any advice would be appreciated before I spend the money!!!

Thanks! :)

first off i love my coralife light!!!! it was a used reef setup when i got it covered in salt and half dead but cleaned it up and it work great!!!

I dont use the moon lights anymore to unnatural looking for me.
no you don't have to go with the bulbs that came with it. i have 2x6700k 2x10000k in mine.

here are some links i have for lights

Big als has 8000k all glass brand bulbs for like $16 if i had some cash i would go for those instead of my 10000k

or these i here the color for plants with these 9235k or the 8000k is amazing!

you can use 55watt or 65 watt as long as its the correct pin configuration is present coralife is normally like this (....) not this :):)

Good luck
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