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Corkscrew Vallisneria wilting :(

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I bought some of these from a guy on ebay. The plants looked real good when they got here, and I planted them the same day. Now it has been about three days and it looks as if they are wilting. I have never had these before and I am asking is this normal and will they come back?? If not I dont know what I did wrong.
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Are you dosing with Excel? Vals are sensitive to it.
We need to know more about your tank:, size, lighting, C02, water parameters...
I am not using excel because I knew that they were sensitive to it . I have this in a 20g tank and 65 watts of 6700k light. I am using all the seachem products except the excel. All my other plants are growing fine like the micro swords and the HC. So I dont know what the problem is.

So I take it that is not normal for valls, to die back and then regrow. Like some other plants I have.
On the other hand Fred, it is very normal for all soft leaved plants, including the corkscrew vals, to die back on relocation. I have had corkscrew vals for decades in several of my tanks, its one of my favorites. Some years back when I converted some of my tanks to CO2, and planted one of them with corkscrew val, I ran into a big problem with these plants. Unlike the initial die-back and regrow, these vals would die-back every time for the next 3 months. Only patience helped me to leave them alone. Then finally they started to grow with the widest leaves I have seen on corkscrew vals.
Along with the above info, also make sure you're not burying the crown in the gravel, as that will kill them.
Thanks for the info guys I will sit and wait and try to be patient.
:) Yes if they are dwarfs (apistos), kribs, angels, discuss.................................but not with that rough lot from Africa who dig up the entire aquarium. :pout:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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