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Corydoras and Guppies

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corydoras and guppies in my 55 gallon. they're doing good. but just one thing...

I've read a bit on the cabomba and it sounds like a plant I'd like to try again. The first attempt was a failure. My knowledge base was nil! So Anyone out there who has good experience with the plant, please feel free to respond. I'd like some insight from real users of the plant itself and what conditions they grow them in. thanks.
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I have some Cabomba. It is growing in my 90g, old specs 2x54w T5HO, no co2, trace doses, potassium no other macros. It does not seem to have many requirements. I've since added two bulbs + co2 and it giving me some nice colors.

I have some Green Flame Tail Endlers :)
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