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Could I use sheep poo pelets as fertilizer for root feeders?

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Hi there,

I knoe this is an out there question but Could I use sheep poo pelets as fertilizer for root feeders?

Regards Darren
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I would say, keep it damp, not wet, for a few days. If you soak and rinse, you wash out the soluble nutrients, whether the nitrogen is in the form of ammonia or nitrate. Damp is better than wet because more air spaces exist within the pellet, and oxygen diffuses through air somewhere around 100,000 times faster than it does through water. If wet, much of the interior of the pellet would be filled with water and would be anaerobic, keeping any nitrogen as ammonia. The bacteria that oxidize ammonia to nitrate need oxygen.

I do not see any benefit from drying the soil, goat pellets, or whatever. I have noticed that fully dried soil often has a huge bloom of bacterial activity when water is added, but not soil that has been kept damp. I am not sure what all those bacteria are growing on, but it might be that drying kills a lot of bacteria and/or other organisms in the soil, and the bacterial growth may be on all the dead organisms.
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