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Ok, 2 questions for all of you.
First of is my ph, it's really high. around 8.1, depending on who's comparing colors. What I have is listed in my siggy, are these all (as in fish and plants) ok with this pH? I've got Fluval peat granules i can add to the filter to try to soften and acidify the water, but I though I'd ask first.

Second, what live food to use. I'd love to give my fishies treats of live foods and am trying to decide what i should use.
Planning on blackworms, but was thinking bout other ones like microworms,mini-microworms, vinegar many choices!
Ideally, I'd like something i can raise to feed the fishes and is really easy like fro the microworms, u just give them food, but I'll go with what's best for the fishies.
Any suggestions would be great!
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