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Grindal worms are my perferred food source for juveniles to adults. Easy to culture, reproduce quickly and cost is minimal. Daphnia are great if you have the knack of culturing them. There are approx 4 types found readily and size is the only major difference. Manga being the largest followed by Monia and Pulex. There is a so called russian strain but I cant remember the name. They are about the same size as pulex but reproduce faster. BBS are great foods but as stated above, they lose 50% of their nutrients within 14 hrs of hatching. Vinegar Eels are great and I perfer them over microworms for fry foods. They swim in water rather than sinking to the bottom. Easy to culture but a little harder to harvest. Springtails, wingless fruitflies, and flour beetles are other alternatives that I haven't had the opportunity to work with. Blackworms are one of the best foods for juvies and adults. Messy and hard to keep clean I feel they are not only cost prohibitive but just a PITA to work with. Whiteworms are similiar to grindals but don't tolerate the temp range of grindals and don't reproduce nearly as fast.

Hope this helps.
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