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For sale 1200.00 for all
I hate to see it go but were moving to Hawaii
I'm trying to find some one local to buy it (Seattle)
This is a Beautiful Hi Tech freshwater planted tank with many extras over 4.000 invested. Ask for Wes 360 794 4531 cell: 425.239.4466

The 75gal is fully automated 75Set up
all glass75 gal.

custom Oak stand with canopy

Substrate :

* Red Flourite - filler
* New Dark Flourite
* New Black Flourite
* New Black Flourite Sand

River stones

350.00 worth ADA BlackWood from Jeff Senske's privet stash

Old Black Wood (so named by ADA) is the most common driftwood style used by Takashi Amano

Heater: Hydor Inline 300w
Turbo Twist 18w inline UV.
Filteration: Fluval 405
Cal Aqua Labs - 17mm glass lilly pipes
Reggs Custom Regg setup with two solenoids with Fabco needle valves
Alum 10lb Co2 Tank
Bubble Counters: 2 Aqua Medic
ADA Pollen Glass beetle 300
SMS 122 Co2 Controller
glass PH Drop checker
Lighting: Coralife: 48 260watt 6700
Power center: Coralife Aqualight digital

Too many plants to list
20+ German Blue Rams (long fin) about six pairs breed regularly
2 discus
Rasbora heteromorpha
Otocinclus affinis
fresh water shrimp

Extras:10gal planted grow out tank with 18 watt 6700k light filter etc. 2gal /hatchery /fry tank with filters, light etc., many maintenance tools, water siphons, planting tweezers, scissors chemicals


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You certainly have a very, very nice tank and your package certainly contains some quality equipment.

That being said, I believe that you need to specify an price for the equipment (or package) offered to conform to the guidelines for posting in this forum. Did I see it listed on the local Craigslist by any chance?
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