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CRS babies with photos (soon to come)

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Finally my CRS have given birth, I can see a couple floating around. :heh: Once my battery charges on my camera I'll have some pics ready. Man, I've been waiting a while. Feels closer to a month and a half. A tank temp of 72F. I'm using floaters to soak up any nitrates and what have you (plus a filter). Are baby CRS attracted to light and possibly sitting in some of these floaters. Once in a while I do pull out the floaters in order to make room for more growth, I'm worried I might be throwing out some Juvies. Any help would be great and make sure to check back for the photos later on tonight or tomorrow. TIA :mrgreen:
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I think probably 2-3 weeks, just to get acclimated to the water parameters and surroundings. When I purchased them from a local breeder I was given one that already was berried but drop the eggs due to moving stress. So if everything goes well and you have mixed shrimp you should have something within the month. Try reading about temperature I believe that is also a factor. Around 72 is I guess the prime breeding temp..
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