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CRS question

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My 46G tank have some cherry shrimp but I want to add some crystal red shrimp. Are those 2 types compatible and since the cherry shrimp are barely visible in that tank, will the crystal big enough to be notice?

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they will breed faster at 75 degrees but color will show better at 70. do you dose? if you do i'd suggest you to stop because CRS cant tolerate too much ferts. if you dont i'd suggest a bag of purigen, it works extremely well, and it will also take out w/e is harmful for shrimp. are you reserving the whole tank for CRS? because besides catfish, even the smallest fish will attatck/eat CRS fry.
sounds good but i think the plants ill do well w/o the ferts. IMO purigen is the BOMB. lol. its up to you though.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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