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Crypt Hunting Trip

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Went to Johor state(West Malaysia) to hunt for crypts. Was quite a lucky trip and found a few new crypt site. Just to share some pictures.

Too lazy to upload all photos to photobucket. please visit Aquadoc for more pictures and details.
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Very kool. Always love your hiking trip pictures! Do you have an ID on that Crypt?
Awesome pics! Too bad you didn't get any of those blue shrimp as well. Loved the crab, I couldn't find it at first. Any chance you can send some of those brown and jade tiger crypts on over to the US? ;)
Thanks, Yoong!

Khamul, that's C. schulzei.
Thanks Kai.
The first picture is graffithi panti. The second and third picutres are schulzei "panti".

Collecting crypt is just my hobby. I don't sell them if that is what you mean by sending to US. Sorry about that. However, I do exchange crypts if you have crypts that I am interested in.

Thanks for viewing. Awaiting you to post more nice pictures of your crypts.

Yoong, I was mostly joking about that. They are fantastic crypts though.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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