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Crypt question...

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I was wondering how many out there have an aquascape with a primary focus of crypts. Last night I did my weekly water change and prune of my 29 gal and as I sat there uprooting, topping, and replanting a large number of stems, I thought of doing something with primarily crypts, thinking the maintenance would be lower. My concern is that having experienced a major meltdown once with wendtii, I would hate to think of the whole tank someday going into meltdown and ending up with a tank of goo. Are there some crypts that are more likely to melt than others? Or are most of them of equal susceptibility?
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Justin Fournier (srooy if I spelled that wrong) has a crypt tank. Try a search of posts by him or maybe he has a website. I have been thinking of doing htat also.
Looks nice! What size is hte tank. How much adn what kind of light, filter, substrate, etc. How do you think something like that would work in a 5.5 gallon? I have been thinking of something alont those lines, Maybe crypts and java species. Oh tell us more:)
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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