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Crypt question...

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I was wondering how many out there have an aquascape with a primary focus of crypts. Last night I did my weekly water change and prune of my 29 gal and as I sat there uprooting, topping, and replanting a large number of stems, I thought of doing something with primarily crypts, thinking the maintenance would be lower. My concern is that having experienced a major meltdown once with wendtii, I would hate to think of the whole tank someday going into meltdown and ending up with a tank of goo. Are there some crypts that are more likely to melt than others? Or are most of them of equal susceptibility?
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That tank looks great! I have just re-done a 10 gal where I have replaced plain gravel with a bag of eco-complete, I had wanted to try out. Looking at your tank, I know what I will eventually try out with this tank 8) . Thanks!
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