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I ordered this plant 9/30 and got in some time in Oct. 2008. It has grown beautifully and quickly in my tank. The color is magnificent. It has a somewhat variegated color with lighter bronze/pink areas. This is what I imagine their new varient "Sunset" to look like. You don't think they actually shipped me the wrong plant do you?
I would hate to comment without actually answering your question, but...
That's an interesting question. I ordered a ton of these plants from someone on the forum, and though I thought that they were all the same, I am seeing a mixture of color, everything from solid green all the way to looking like the ones that you have. And it is interesting how many variations there are of the same plant. I guess I assumed some parts of my tank were better for growing than the other.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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