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Cryptocoryne parva

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It didn't turn out quite as good as I had hoped, but I thought I'd post it anyway. Count the shrimp!

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Nice parva. What lighting are you using to support it?
I have never seen brown coloring on C. parva leaves, before. Sure it is parva?
Looks beautiful. I hope I can get what's left of my parva to take off...along with my dwarf hairgrass! Both have stalled and are better at collecting algae than putting out new growth. :(
It is being grown in a 30 gallon tank under a 6700k, 96 watt AH Supply power compact.

It is parva. If it gets completely unobstructed light and lots of iron, etc, it can indeed get a bit brown.
96 watts on 30 gallons oughta do it. I guess you can turn any crypt except maybe C. lingua brown if you give it enough light. I have got C. x willisii (the old C. lucens) in a 75 gallon with 2 96 watt CF's, and am getting some interesting brownish red leaves.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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