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Cryptocoryne picture gallery

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This may be useful in identifying your Crypts. Most pictures show submersed plants.
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Thanks for the pics, I've always wondered what some of mine will look like as they grow and mature.
Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage:(
No fault of Internet Explorer (It hurts to say that!). The link has changed. I now have the correct link, which is
I didn't even know there were that many species of crypt, in your opinion, what is the best red species?
There is a wendtii red which is dark chocolate brown on the upper side of the leaf and a deep red on the bottom side. I once had a cordata variety that was quite red in good light. (Don't have it any more) Oliver Knott gets spectacular red undersides with Crypt wendtii 'Mi Oya' as shown below:

Almost forgot: there is a reddish brown variety of C. albida.
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I find that with Cryptocorynes and other Aroids, not only within species can there be lots of variation, but the same plant, identical DNA, grown in different conditions will have very different leaf forms as well, so it can often be tricky to tell for sure without the spathe.

Beautiful pictures of crypts, although I would love to see the full size images. When I click on the thumbnails I get a blank image instead of the full size, are the images missing or moved?
Is there anyway to update this, the link takes me to apc's homepage. I'd love to view the gallery.
tried your updated link... still no joy....
tried your updated link... still no joy....
OP hasn't been on in 10 years so i doubt he will update link :(
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