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Cryptocoryne resources

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I thought I would post up some of the worthwhile Cryptocoryne resources that are available via the Internet. If you know of others, please post here.

The is no better website on Cryptocorynes than Jan Bastmeijer's Crypts Pages. By now, Jan is probably the foremost authority on Cryptocorynes in the world. Please visit his site often to learn about the various species, news, and other events.

Also, get your dose of advanced cryptology by subscribing to the Crypts Mailing List. It is a mailing list put together by Richard Sexton back in 1996. Some of the world's best cryptocoryne growers are subscribers. So go ahead and subscribe to it and contribute. Bear in mind that the list sometimes goes into lulls (probably because everyone is busy taking pictures of flowering crypts).
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How about any other online resources for learning about crypts? Jan's website is great, but for the beginner its a little tough. Any ideas?
The Cryptocoryne web address has changed.. Change your bookmarks. :D
I think offers some good, sound information on some of the more common cryptocoryne species found in aquariums.


That's what this forum is for. :wink:

PS I like RUSH too.
Yes but I like to waste away my free time reading about stuff, and figured somebody might know another good website. :)

So are you going to go see them (RUSH) soon? For the 30th anniversary tour?
There's babelfish for translation. It's a literal translation, but isn't that hard to figure out.
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