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The Crypts here don't seem to be growing as much and can be removed and contained if they want. But we have hydrilla here:)

Both springs are similar in terms of temp, and other water parameters.

Simply because the plants is dislodged and floats downsteam, does not mean it'll grow somewhere, sometimes fragmentation is important in dispersal, I think the crypts might not be so good, either way and in both locations, the plants can be removed if the agency with authority wants to.

The limited outlets of invasiveness downstream also prevent too much spread but..........they allow boating in the Rainbow, these plants can get stuck on the propellers and transfered to another lake, this occurs often in Florida.

Damn boaters:)
But these seem planted by aquarist or growers of aquatic plants so Damn Aquatic plant people!

My fear is that they will make a big deal and ban ALL Crypts if one gets on the bad list, many of the inspections folks don't know much on taxonomy beyond a genus.

I doubt the the plants can handle anything except the springs in the locations they are now at due to temperature.

The problem is ths spring colonies themselves which can be removed, although plants with Rhizomes are very tough to completely eradicate, such as Hydrilla.

Chemical herbicides, burning during a draw down, etc doesn't work.

So the potential is high for these but we tend to think the plants grow slow, but they seem pretty competitive, they are still there.........and seemingly doing better.

Tom Barr
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