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This is one of my pet peves. All of you, like me, have experienced the anguish of losing Cryptocorynes in our aquariums. We've known the anguish associated with crypt rot and other crypt afflictions. We know how hard it can be to keep crypts.

The Center for Aquatic Resource Studies put out a paper last year basically saying the Cryptocoryne beckettii is a noxious weed threatening to take over Texas and Florida waterways.

I quote:

"The potential for dispersal of Cryptocoryne at Rainbow Springs Aquatic Preserve is considerable. In the San Marcos River, disturbance caused by wading and sporting activities are suspected to have contributed to the tremendous proliferation of C. beckettii downstream (P. Power, pers. comm. 2002). Significant increases in dislodged plant fragments have been documented below high recreational use areas on the San Marcos River (Owens et al. 2001). Likewise in the Rainbow River, recreational activities were found to be responsible for the uprooting of large masses of vegetation (Mumma et al. 1996). The secluded stream harboring Cryptocoryne at Rainbow Springs Aquatic Preserve is currently off-limits but under consideration for public use.

You've got to be kidding me! #-o These streams have to have magic water! This type of paper is what happens when you have non-hobbyists working at these places. Gees. You think they could have taken a few specimens home and tested growing them in aquariums.

Some of you that have been on the APD a while know the story behind this paper and our trip to Rainbow River so I won't go into it. Nevertheless, you can read about the paper here.

I say we politely suggest to them that a few of us would be happy to clear up the river in a couple of days. Who's up for collecting some beckettii???
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