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I am using CSM+B for the trace+iron and supplement with flourish iron.

I believe I am experiencing trace deficiency problems and I start to believe that it has to do with CSM+B.

As for the iron - the CSM+B iron is in the chelated form and therefore it becomes available to the plants slowly by the light breaking the chelate. My experience with my 2.6 wpg is that I cannot apply more than 0.03 ppm Fe per day. If I dose more then the chelate starts accumulating. I did a survey once and people do dose 0.2-0.3 ppm fe so I am adding flourish iron - this one is available to the plants and disappears in few hours.

As for the trace that is manganese, zinc, molybdenum etc - CSM+B is more concentrated but I am not sure that the traces are in the available form.

If you read here:

Manganese sulfate (MnSO4) has been found
by researchers to be the most effective fertilizer for
supplying Mn to crops.
Chelated forms of Mn should not be applied to the
soil. Research has found that those forms may in
fact make the Mn deficiency worse.
Or here:

NOTE: It has been reported that if a Mn-chelate (EDTA) is added to the soil to correct an apparent deficiency problem, the most common result is increased Mn deficiency. This occurs because the affinity of chelates for Iron is greater than their affinity for Manganese and substitution occurs. The Fe-chelate is rapidly taken up by the plant and the ensuing interaction increases the Mn deficiency.
Seachem flourish does use MnSO4.

I shall probably try flourish and also get my own traces - I feel I need to gain better control on what's going on in my tank.

1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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