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Oi Andre tudo bem? I assure you the Blyxa will look better with time and one of the basic rules I always follow is thinking ahead of time estimating how the plants will grow.
Sim andre tudos mis acuarios tem C02.
Luis Navarro

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My 60 gallon has the MH pendant about 6 inches from the surface of the water. Out of curiousity, roughly how high do you suspend your lights?

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gnatster said:
Luis has created a Cube Tank, Posting the pictures for him.

Text and Photos by Luis with some slight editing

I designed the aquascape to be simple, thinking ahead of time the plants I was going to use. Using enough materials to create not only depth but open space as well a triangular design seem to work just fine!

The space is limited only 18 X 20 inches!

The aquarium is located at my workplace, and the plant order did not arrive time due to the holidays. I was forced to plant it with what was available at the time.

The plants finally arrived, the tank was emptied again leaving just one inch or so of water above the substrate line (make things easier) and the plants where prepared for planting.
The plant selection is:
Hemianthus calichroides
Prosepinaca palustris
Pogostemon stellata "broad leaf"
Blyxa japonica
Bolbitis heudelotti
Elocharis acicularis

As requested by my boss, she wanted the aquarium to have 2 views! So by using the already mention triangular design. The use of available space was very well used I think!

After six weeks the plants are growing at normal speed and fertilization was initiated after the first week of planting.

Different angle of the cube

I will soon update a new pictures of this layout.


Tank Size :30 Gallon Oceanic cube

Lighting: 175 MH pendant by Hamilton bulb temp. 6,500 K

Substrate: Onyx sand covered with "silver sand" by Aquatic Nature Belgium

I can't see any photos

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