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Cyperus helferi flower stalk

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Today I noticed a flower stalk coming up from my largest Cyperus helferi. I was wondering if I can only get the adventitious plants if the stalk makes it above the water. Can I keep it submerged and get submersed plantlets like with Echinodorus? There's not a whole lot of room above the water and below the glass.

Thanks, Cavan
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Nobody has ever seen this before? Nobody?
Claus Christensen writes:

  • "Cyperus helferi propagates under water in several ways. Adventitious shoots may develop close to the parent plant, a dense cluster of slender leaves eventually being formed. [...] Older plants develop typical, umbrella-like inflorescences, each of which will form root-bearing plantlets (adventitious plants) if in contact with the water. The young plants may be separated for planting on reaching a height of 4-6 cm."
From the article, it seems that the inflorescence must first develop above the water surface. For first hand experience, you may want to contact Simon of AquaticQuotient.
Thanks for the tip. That's what I'll do. I did read the Tropica article, but wasn't sure if plantlets would develop submersed or not.
C. helferi will produce plantlets under water, well kinda. I have a flower stalk floating on the surface and it gets blown around by the spraybar. Plantlets have formed and are growing quite well, bouncing around in the current.
cyperus helferi


I was just wondering. I planted my C. Helferi about 6 weeks ago. They were grown emersed when I got them. They were a beautiful toxic green color. Now all of the new leaves are almost a CLEAR yellow. I have seen these plants in Amano's books and I am wondering if all of his were emersed forms as well or do I have some type of deficiency going on here. They seem to be growing well, the older leaves are turning bron on the tips and lots of new leaves, but the color just seems to be off as does the transparency issue. ANYONE?????
Thanks for the response Aaron. I'm guessing now that it doesn't matter a whole lot if the plantlets are emersed or not. We'll see...

I think that C. helferi just has a long adjustment period. I have a newer one besides the one sending up the flower stalk, and its color is not so good at present. I see a few brown leaf tips on that one as well. I gave it a Flourish Tab and will just wait for it to get going. Other plants and the other helferi look great, so I'm not worried.
Hi all,

Is this the emmersed Cyperus helferi?

From its inflorescene, I'm not to sure with mine because I found them anywhere in my backyard. :(

C. helferi? in my backyard.

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Hey CS, you have Claus's name linked to an article on bladderwort. What is the link to the article on Cyperus?
Robert Hudson said:
Hey CS, you have Claus's name linked to an article on bladderwort. What is the link to the article on Cyperus?
Here you go
This thread is 2 years old so the origional link may have been moved by Tropica, but the article still exists on their website.
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