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From the path given it looks as if you have the roll back feature turned on. Unfortunatly a nasty has inhabitied one or more of the files the computer uses to restore it's self to a previous date. To rid yourself of them you will have to shut off the restore function which in turn deletes the files stored for that purpose. Reboot afterwards, and turn the function back on if you desire.

To toggle the restore:

Right Click My Computere and select Properties

Select the System Restore tab

Check the box next to Turn off System Restore on all Drives

Click Yes in the Warning box.

Shut down PC

Start up PC

Rescan for viruses.

The files will be removed.

You can turn it back on if you so desire.

Please be aware this will remove backuped data. You will effectively remove all restore points.

Complete details in excruciating detail about why you need to do this from Microsoft
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